Thursday, 11 August 2011


See, yonder, across the field, three deer, which once the murky wood concealed
now bounding, their gracefulness and dignity revealed,
with ease, over fence, gate, ditch and road, upon the ground where I once strode
Now through the long lush ley grass they stride. Now among the golden barley hide
and like dolphins they do break the waves,
they disapppear on each downward beat, to reappear on each upward leap
suddenly they stop to survey the scene, their head alone above the grain is seen
now once more to the wood they fly, perhaps in some pleasant glade to lie
serenaded with sweet woodland sound, birds song all around
Bluetit, great tit, robin, wren, bull finch, chaffinch, black bird, peahen
and when will they next emerge to cause me delight and thrill me, to their wildness sight

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