Thursday, 11 August 2011


I delight in the beauty of the snow, in the glory of the scene it does bestow
in the sparkle of the sunlight in the crystal flakes, in the untouched wilderness it creates
and in this wilderness I find wonder, in this new land rejoice to wander
where no human foot has trod, no other soul explored
and seeing the tracks of wildlife in the snow, we discover the secrets of where they go
and marvel at the architecture of the drift, and the elegance of their shapes

In the excitement of this novelty, in the brilliance of this view
When snow lies all around me, virgin, chaste and new
when the moon's beams gleams astound me, when the stars are shining bright
when the heavens vastness thrills me, I drink deeply of such sights

But I loathe the snows cold companion air, that bites at my bare flesh
That freezes pipes then bursts them, and causes toil and grief
But what sweet relief to reach my evenings rest, the warm greeting of my sheltering place;
nursing my battered cheeks, lulling me to sleep, I take repose beside the fire
while outside the storm howls
Stillness and comfort surround me, while drifts pile at the door and obscure the road
Oh yes, the snow which blocks me from going where I didn't want to go
Oh no, the snow which blocks me from going where I did want to go
What bliss not to suffer the things about school I dislike
What bliss to be excused from the things about work I dislike
What fun to be cut off from the world, to be here all alone, in my home
How sad to miss seeing my friends and the school subjects I enjoy lots about
How displeasing not to do the work on which my income depends
What apprehension at being cut off from help, from provisions, from safety
I look forward to tomorrow to slide along the path, to go sledging on the hill, to make a snowman
What fun the snows slippiness provides
I loathe to face the slippiness of the snow. It hinders me from getting along the street, can cause me to fall or crash my car.
but then as I sit, the lights flicker a bit and all of a sudden all is dark except for fires glow.
The t.v and radio are silent as power is cut off. What trouble the snow creates
wet snow soaking through my shoes and coat, which flies into once dry sheds and soaks what I wanted to stay that way- like hay or barley
But what fun to sit by flickering candle light and crackle of fire
to think about the snow- the cons and pros

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