Thursday, 11 August 2011

What love is like

I welcome all with kindness, a cheering smile I bestow
hearty, warm, courteous; this is what I show:
always quick to help you, I care for all your needs
I want you to be happy, to enjoy the life you live
I advize you to live by the Golden rule, treat others as you want them to treat you
and the Silver rule, do not do to other what you do not want them to do to you
and the copper rule, do to others as they want done to them
and the diamond rule, be loving ,caring and don't hurt anybody
and no matter how you hurt me, my patience is quite plain,
I reply to offence with a quick witted retort
I expose the error and point at truth, violence would be a last resort
Patience is what sustains me, it's the virtue that I love
But I'm quick to defend the truth about me and to defend my interests
When you scorn me or speak words intent to wound
I just interpret them by recognising that you are angry about something
But you haven't chosen to put your objection in a caring way
In your red mist of anger you have sunk and your careless phrase smells like a skunk
I turn the other cheek when appropriate but otherwise parry with a witty point
and when you show ignorance, the truth is my reply. Without derision, invective or disdain
The words I speak are reason, I aim to speak good sense
I dwell together with truth and am born on it's wings, I am its fruit
Seek truth and you will find me, speak truth and you will show me
Seek truth and it will grant you humility ,for humility is realising that what you think or say might not be
as close to the truth as it could be and to realise that you are only eyes to see or ears to hear it
I fill your mind with goodness, with knowledge of what will help
I come to all who seek me, reach out and you will find
That I can fill with good things, your brain

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